Why we do what we do

We believe in self-organisation and people-centred leadership. We know what it takes to make it work. We’re eating our own dogfood - in the teams we lead or refuse to lead (at least in a hierarchical way), in our communities, our start-ups, our client assignments… We’ve experienced it’s not easy sometimes, but we believe it’s always worth it! So above all, we’re on a mission to change the way work works. In this quest, we’re also supporting individuals and huge corporations like Siemens. But our heart beats for start-ups.

What we offer

Get support in this unknown area of self-managment:

- regular sparring for the founder/CEO to reflect on the pogress and defining next steps

- coaching in the process of developing the role of the founder/leader

- focussed hands on support e.g. with facilitating workshops

Accelerate the development of your organisation:

- providing hands-on support, based on our experience with self-organisation and a co-creation mind set:

- clarifying a shared purpose,

- developing your agile strategy,

- guiding your journey towards finding your organisational design and structure, decision making processes, team roles and meeting practices.

Work as a more fullfilled and effective team:

- creating a culture of "wholeness" and developing the human side of the organisation (working on skills like, non-violent communication, feedback and conflict resolution),

- developing (self-) leadership, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and recruiting know-how and skills within your team,

- helping with project set-up, introducing agile projekt management.

Receive tailored support:

- 24h support from our coaches

- tailored coaching/support (individual and team)

- on-demand facilitation of in-house workshops

- facilitating your team retreat and development

- and various other forms of support while of building and working with a self-organised organisation


We know that as a startup you're probably short in money, so we're happy to look at various possibilities of value based pricing. Contact us!


Mariola Wittek Mourao

In my work I focus on the crucial moment when start-ups start growing. The moment in which many culturally advanced startups (flexible, with no hierarchies, a clear shared purpose, and a culture in which everyone shows up as they are) start reverting more and more to the traditional default of hierarchies and regulations, once they reach 20, 50, 120 people.
Some call it the original sin of organizations - the moment when the path to the old working paradigm is being taken. Because that is still the default way of running an organization. That is what most of us know. I realized that small, focused interventions at this stage can have an incredible long-term impact on the bottom line of organizations. In terms of profits, retentions and almost all other KIPs.

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New Work Lab is work in progress in it's prtotyping phase. We've asked our users what they'd need in terms of service and support and how this need could be staisfied. Here's what they said.

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